Industrial and Logistics
City of the Caribbean

Monsú, is the industrial and logistics epicenter of the Caribbean. Discover the meeting point of the global economy where world-class companies getting ready to conquer big markets.

Incorporate your company to global value chains through:

Efficiency in the logistics chain

Access to next-generation port, aeronautical, fluvial and road infrastructure.

Connection with the main market and consumption centers of the region.

5 projects in one: high impact industrial zone, free trade zone, logistic activity zone ( LAZ), industrial park and services area.

Location, infrastructure and support that simplifies the expansion projects of companies like yours.

Free trade zona tax incentives and local tax incentives.

Be part of global value chains

World class standards of constructions


We work permanently to integrate elements of competitiveness for companies in the logistics, industrial and commercial park of the Caribbean, maintaining sustainability of global value chains.


By 2025 Monsú will be the benchmark in the Caribbean in terms of competitiveness for companies that need to develop their logistic, industrial or commercial activities in the Colombian, Central American, the Caribbean and the North American East Coast markets.

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