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Monsú provides solutions for national and foreign companies contributing to the economic development and its environment in 5 large areas inside the City, industrial park, Free Trade Zone, Logistics Activity Zone, service area and an area of immediate expansion available to companies for new development.

268 hectares designed to increase the competitiveness of your business, inside the new industrial and logistics city of the Caribbean. Monsú has been specially designed so many companies can build and develop different projects such as:

Custom projects

Distribution centers

Multipurpose industries

Free Trade Zone

Be part of Monsú, Industrial and logistic city of the Caribbean. 268 Hectares designed to increase the competitiveness of your business

  • Highly competitive prices
  • High valuation.
  • Modular ships built to suit.
  • Lean construction.
  • All industrial and commercial land uses.
  • Exclusives high impact areas.

Key Sectors

Discover the meeting point of the global economy where world-class companies getting ready to conquer big markets.

  • Logistics operators
  • Retail
  • Petrochemical
  • Metalworking
  • Building
  • Plastic
  • Machinery
  • Processed foods
  • Industrial Agriculture

Sale Lots Stage I

  • 107,639 sq.ft. model lot.
  • Electric capacity per lot of 150 KVA.
  • 70% Occupancy rate
  • Aqueduct, sewage and natural gas connections.

Table of areas Phase I - 7 hectares

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Zonas vendibles

  1. Parque industrial 32.56 ha.
  2. Zona franca 32.19 ha.
  3. ZAL y Parque Industrial 25.00 ha.
  4. Zona de servicios 9.10 ha.
  5. Zona de expansión 20.63 ha.


  • Sobre la vía de la Cordialidad.
  • Rutas de transporte intermunicipal cada 30 minuto.
  • Futura doble calzada Cartagena – Barranquilla (APP).


  • Cesión de 83 ha para bosques y parques.
  • Aprovechamiento de aguas lluvia.
  • Iluminación comunal con energía renovable.

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